Working Groups

At the Stop the Frack Attack National Gathering on July 27th, 5 working groups were created during the national strategy session. Each of these 5 working groups have been set up to work in 5 distinct areas of change, and be the beginnings of a national movement towards ending dangerous and dirty fracking!

The 5 working groups are Policy, Organizing, Action/NVDA, Media and Messaging, and Resource Sharing. Each of these groups  are in the process of building a definition that sets their goals and outlines their role in the the Stop the Frack Attack coalition. 

You can get in touch with each of the working groups by emailing the following addresses: ,,, and

Each working group is going to have monthly conference calls, and already have active list serves, discussing the in and outs of what needs to be done! Get involved today!

You can read the full notes from the Stop the Frack Attack National Gathering here

Check back frequently for more details about the next Stop the Frack Attack event or meeting.