Why we are going to Dallas

This past summer we organized the largest rally against dirty and dangerous fracking yet, with over 5,000 people converging on to Washington, DC to rally, lobby, and strategies about how we were going to beat back the frack attack. It was a huge success and help turn the tide against fracking, building up enough power to force the industry to respond to what we are doing! Yet, what we were doing in DC was just the beginning of the building of nationwide movement around oil and gas justice.

Recently, Stop the Frack Attack launched its next phase; a conference and strategy session in

XTODallas, Texas and already the buzz is starting. We know this is big undertaking, but to be honest, that is our style. We want this conference to be huge, so big in fact one of our internal goals is to get another response from the Gas Industry attempting to debunk us.

But the point of this post is to talk why we are going to Texas of all places! At first I was a little nervous about it, but as we did the research of where we were going to do this conference it made the must sense for three reason: 1.) Texas is the Gas Industries Second Home 2.) Urban Fracking is happening in Texas 3.) A Nationwide Movement must not stay in the nations Capitol.

Texas, and Dallas and Forth Worth in Particular, are the home to the many companies that have decided to bring their extractive industry to our communities. XTO, Ultra Petroleum, Southwestern Energy, SM energy, Range Resources, PXP, Pioneer Natural Resources Company,  Noble Energy, Newfeild, Linn energy, EP Energy, Devon, Cimarex, Cabot Oil and Gas, Apache, and Anadarko all either have their headquarters in Texas or offices. Texas is the brain of the oil and gas industry and we need to bring some heart to it!

Where ever there is dirty and dangerous fracking, we know there are issues around peoples health and the huge impacts on the environment. Yet in Texas they have urban fracking, that is right, URBAN FRACKING! They drill for natural gas in highly populated areas like Fort Worth, and if you fly into that airport, there is a compressor station right outside the entrances to the airport. The Frack Attack has made some advances moves in Texas, and we need to start beating them back.

As a DC Resident, and lover of my city, I understand that everyone wants to come here to create change, but sometimes we need to realize there are battles outside of this place. Stop the Frack Attack is a grassroots lead movement, and soon to be coalition, and we need to be in the grassroots to do that. Being in Texas is another ground zero in the fight against dirty and dangerous fracking, and is where we will be kicking off what will hopefully grow into the largest, strongest, and most powerful grassroots led coalition of Frackivist waging war for for Oil and Gas Justices!


See you in Texas!