Why I, Matt Jennings, Am Working on Stop the Frack Attack

Fracking has quickly become one of the most polarizing environmental issues in the United States. If you had asked the average American what fracking was 10 years ago, they would have no idea what you were talking about. But because our energy future is becoming cloudier by the day, more and more companies are risking the safety and well-being of people and the environment in order to capture natural gas to use as fuel.

This process of hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, can cause groundwater contamination, air pollution and even earthquakes. These risks have not been fully studied, but companies have still been given to go-ahead to continue these unsafe practices. States like North Carolina are even proposing legislation to fully legalize fracking, allowing drilling companies to pollute the earth with unspecified chemicals. Some of the chemicals known to be in fracking water have been proven to be dangerous to human health. It has yet to be seen how much damage these chemicals can cause and it will be decades before we can truly calculate their impact on human and environmental health.

For all of these reasons, I am fully against fracking. Attempting to replace coal and oil with natural gas is only a temporary solution to our energy crisis. And even if burning natural gas is less harmful than burning coal or oil, it still pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Plus, the toxins that are put into the ground during the drilling process are causing problems for thousands of communities across the country. We need to put an end to the reckless pursuit of fracking and make sure that any fracking that does occur doesn’t pollute the environment and harm public health. One of the most effective ways to help communities impacted by oil and gas drilling is to attend the Stop the Frack Attack rally on July 28th.

I am working with Earthworks to help make this event happen. I am in charge of the social media campaigns and online organizing, as well as some of the logistics for the rally. I will be going around the city to do wheat pastings in order to promote the event to local communities in the DC area. One of my other main responsibilities is to do organizational outreach with groups like 350.org, Marcellus Protest, Tour de Frack and the Sierra Club. It is exciting to talk to people who are as passionate as we are about fracking, which is why I think the rally will be such a unifying experience.

July 28th 2012 will be an important day in the fight against fracking. In addition to raising awareness about the issue, we will be calling on our government to stop putting the interests of energy corporations before the interests of its citizens. The more people we have in the crowd, the more we can accomplish. There will be speakers detailing the consequences of fracking. There will be a march to drop off dirty fracking water at the American Petroleum Institute and America’s Natural Gas Alliance. But most importantly, there will be thousands of people united in a common goal: to stop the frack attack on American communities.

Matt Jennings

Stop the Frack Attack Organizer