WEBINAR: The Collision of Private Interests and Oil & Gas Regulations

Stop the Frack Attack is partnering up with the Halt the Harm Network to host an educational webinar on “The Collision of Private Interests and Oil & Gas Regulations” on April 6th at 6pm EST. Can you join us

Featured panelist include: Steve Horn of DeSmog Blog, Jesse Coleman a researcher with Greenpeace, Maya van Rossum the Delaware Riverkeeper, and Ellen Taylor who organizes with Beyond Extreme Energy. Panelists will discuss their expertise in a range of tactics; from investigative journalism, to petitions and direct action. We will talk through their present strategies to address the ever revolving door of federal and state-specific regulatory bodies with the Oil and Gas Industry. Will you be able to be on this webinar on April 6th

We invite you to take this unique opportunity to learn, see what others are doing, and plan how you can push for transparency and accountability in the public interest. But most importantly learn how to shift your strategies on the ground, so we can build a stronger movement. Please register now!

In struggle

Robby Diesu
National Coordinator
Stop the Frack Attack Network