Webinar: Shale Reality Check – The Need for Realistic and Transparent Oil Gas Analysis

Halt The Harm, Post Carbon Institute, and Stop the Frack Attack hosted a webinar to learn about Post Carbon Institute’s newly-released reports (authored by earth scientist J. David Hughes) assessing the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent projections for domestic tight (“shale”) oil and shale gas production.

The reports (“2016 Tight Oil Reality Check” and “2016 Shale Gas Reality Check”) evaluate the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s increasingly optimistic projections in light of actual production data (through June 2016) and the agency’s own previous estimates. The reports raise critical questions about the veracity and volatility of the EIA’s estimates, questions that are especially important as the Trump Administration sets its domestic energy policy.

Watch this webinar and learn more about the EIA’s projections and consistent optimism bias for future energy prices and production, as well as how it has created problems for frontline communities and landowners.

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