Watch the Stop The Frack Attack’s People’s Forum!

On May 22nd, sixteen people from eight different states convened in Washington D.C. to share their stories. Coming from varying political backgrounds and livelihoods, these citizens’ agenda was simply to have their voices heard. Stop The Frack Attack’s People’s Forum was an avenue for directly affected people to speak out against aspects of the oil and gas industry.

This is a crucial time for oil and natural gas policy on Capitol Hill. Just last week the Obama administration released a set of  regulations governing fracking on Interior Department lands — and despite thousands of comments urging Interior to make them strong, they instead listened to the oil & gas companies and make them weaker. The discussion continues as the Senate Energy Committe holds a set of forums on natural gas development where “experts” will testify.Deb Thomas Frack Attack Forum

But the true experts are those living with the every day impacts – the poisoned water, the polluted air, the nosebleeds and terrible smells – and through the Stop the Frack Attack People’s Forum, they found a way to get their story out.

As speaker Deb Thomas commented, “When this industry hits you, you not only have to be a person who is trying to raise your family. You have to be a researcher. You have to be a reporter. You have to be an inspector. You have to be a physician to try and find out why your family is sick, and in some cases dying”.

To hear more first hand perspectives from inspiring activists, watch the full People’s Forum here.

But of course, the story doesn’t end with this event.  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. If you would like to tell your story, drop us a line at  We’ll post it the Stop the Frack Attack website, and help get the word out every other way we can.

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