Want to attend the Stop the Frack Attack National Summit in Dallas, but need a little help getting there?

No Problem!

We have developed a scholarship program to both get people to the conference and help cover the cost of the conference itself.  To enable maximum participation, we’ve set ourselves some lofty goals: we want to provide 100 scholarships for the conference and 80 travel stipends, all made possible through donations and grants from foundations.

To apply:

2.) Fill out this questionnaire

Our scholarship committee will review it and get back to you as soon as possible with a decision. The scholarship committee is made up of members of our advisory committee and non-profit staffers, who will examine each application with three main topics in mind.

1.) Need – is this person truly not able to afford to come – ie, do they represent an NGO with a budget, or a community group/no group.
2.) Diversity – Is this person from an underrepresented community?
3.) Value – what will this person bring to the conversations that are happening at the Summit.