The Struggle to Get Our Story Told

This February and March, the members of the Stop the Frack Attack Network, are launching an ambitious plan to bring the stories of those impacted to those who need to hear them.  We’re calling it the People’s Forum Roadshow. In the past two years since our founding, we have challenged ourselves to put those who are directly hurt by fracking in the forefront of our work, looking past personal political beliefs and figuring out how we can empower folks to speak out and get the reparations they deserve.

The concept of the Peoples Forum Roadshow is that its more than a traditional speaking tour.  We’re going to four states, North Carolina, California, Maryland, and Florida, all of which are in crucial moments in their fight against fracking.  Right now is a critical point in the fight around fracking, we are continuing to build power on the national level,  with the inspector generals report showing the failures of EPA, but we must not ignore the state level fights. We must continue being on the offensive in these strategic states, we will begin see the victories we know are possible.

The Peoples Forum Roadshow will not be like other speaking tours.  This isn’t a national organization dropping in and creating more work for local groups to do.  Instead, local grassroots leaders have created the very foundation of the project, working to make sure each stop empowers a local organizer and provides them with training they need and want. Each stop is being determined by the local community so that the focus is always on what will be most valuable for them, whether it’s Direct Action training or assistance working with media.

This speaking tour won’t be the final nail in the coffin for fracking; but it will be the beginning of a national push to make our movement stronger.  We look forward to seeing you in the streets and in the seats.

Our Schedule:

Maryland and DC, February 2 – February 5: Click here to sign up!

California, March 13 – March 22:

  • Fresno

  • Bakersfield

  • Los Angeles

  • Sacramento

North Carolina, March 24 – March 28:

  • Charlotte

  • Moore County