Stop the Frack Attack Rally Speakers Announced!

We are pleased to announce that the following 11 people have been chosen to speak at the Stop the Frack Attack Rally! All of these speakers were chosen and invited by our Advisory  Council. It is a group of 11 impacted community members and environmental activists who are leading the charge at this wonderful event!


1.) Bill McKibben (

2.) Allison Chin (Sierra Club)

3.) Josh Fox (Gasland)

4.) Calvin Tillman (Former Mayor of Dish, Texas)

5.) Laura Amos (Affected Community Member, CO)

6.) John Fenton (Affected Community Member, WY)

7.) Kari Matsko (Affected Community Member, OH)

8.) Dayne Pratzky (Aka,”Frackman”, Australia)

9.) Lori New Breast (Affected Community Member, MT)

11.) Mike Tidwell (CCAN)

12.) Jameson Lisak and Kelly Humphreys ( Affected Youth from PA and WV)

13.) Dr Catherine Thomasson (Physicians for Social Responsibility )

14.)  Doug Shields (former member of the Pittsburgh City Council)