Riding For Healthy Communities by Darree Robin Sicher

‘Tour de FRACK (TDF)’ takes their message – and bodies – on the road with a  400-mile educational bike ride – from Butler County, PA (north of Pittsburgh) to Washington, DC to highlight the dangers of fracking. Their two week trek, starting July 14, will weave through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland, ending in Washington, DC at the ‘Stop The Frack Attack’ national rally on July 28.

“For me, cycling is a passion,“ says Jason Bell, TDF organizer, husband, father and public school teacher. Pulling together a dedicated group of citizens and bicycle enthusiasts, Tour De FRACK will highlight the negative effects of natural gas fracking (hydraulic fracturing) on water, families and communities. Bell invites riders of all ages to join the ride and the thousands of citizens gathering at the ‘Stop The Frack Attack’ Rally.

“The bike is a human powered machine that brings you eye-to-eye with people, landscapes and community, “ says Bell. “The idea that certain parts of the country can be sectioned off and the people who live in those areas are considered a ‘sacrifice’ is not something that I think most people really want. Our neighbors are getting sick, our water supply is becoming poisoned. When I saw drilling rigs go up at the dairy farm where our milk comes from, I decided to get involved. ”

Other ‘Stop The Frack Attack’ Rally endorsing organizations include The Delaware Riverkeepers. The Delaware Riverkeepers’ work of protecting the rivers and community water supply of the Delaware River watershed carries a huge resource price tag. The Delaware’s 13,539 square mile watershed supplies water to five percent of the nation’s population – over 15 million people. While advocating for a moratorium of fracking in the Delaware watershed, Tracy Carlucio of The Delaware Riverkeepers looks at the bigger picture.

“It’s not a conceptual idea,” says Carlucio. “It’s real people’s real drinking water.” It’s also real people’s lives, homes, communities, children and future – all converging together to call for a serious look at what happens when America gets fracked. Join the ‘Stop The Frack Attack’ Rally – July 28, 2012.

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