Report Back from Don’t Frack New York!

On Monday 1,500 New Yorkers marched through Albany to tell Gov. Cuomo one simple message: Don’t Frack New York.

Cuomo is preparing to making a decision about the future of hydraulic fracturing for gas in New York. He says he hasn’t made up his mind, but he’s also overseen a flawed environmental review process, lead by a climate denier, that papered over the real risks of fracking. So on Monday, 1,500 New Yorkers rumbled through Albany to remind Gov. Cuomo of the environmental, health – and political – risks of allowing our communities to be fracked.

If you couldn’t make it on Monday, the most important way to show your support for the action is to call Governor Cuomo and tell him that you stand with the folks who took action earlier this week.

We had an impressive crowd, but if Gov. Cuomo knows that there are even more folks waiting in the wings ready to take action, then it will be even tougher for him to move forward with a plan to drill. Can you call Gov. Cuomo now to tell him ‘don’t frack New York’?

You can reach Gov. Cuomo at 866-584-6799. Give him a ring, and then share this with your friends: