Paris! Here we come!

Off to Paris we go! While world leaders argue about how to tackle the climate crisis at COP 21, frontline community members, along with their NGO counterparts, will be having their own conference of parties on the other side of Paris.  Stop the Frack Attack has been a leading convenor of the “International Anti-fracking Summit, Not Here, Not Anywhere” that is happening on December 10th.

We, along with member groups Earthworks and Food and Water Watch, as well are numerous European counterparts, will gather with over 150 fracktivists from 34 countries to figure out how to make our movement stronger. The day will kick off with presentations from 7 different countries about the impacts of fracking on their countries, their regulatory frameworks and the state of their anti-fracking movements. Following the presentations, several strategy sessions will be held on such topics as “Finding the connections between corporations; finding the connections between our struggles”, “How to develop a joint global policy target”, and “Discussion on developing/strengthening the international cooperation between anti-fracking groups/organisations”.

The Stop the Frack Attack delegation consists of 4 members of our Advisory Council- Jenny Lisak of PA, Shane Davis of Co, Robert Nehman of Iowa, and John Fenton of WY. We are also providing scholarships to frontline community members from Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. Our mighty little crew will be bringing you with them you on their travels and we will be posting blogs on our website and Facebook.

If you want to send your thoughts along with us to Paris, please check out the petition started by our Steering Committee member Karen Feridun of Berks Gas Truth. This isn’t your typical petition with an option to add a message — the message to President Obama is key. We can’t promise exactly how they will be used, but she will do her best to make sure your voices are heard!

In Struggle,

Robby Diesu
National Coordinator
Stop the Frack Attack Network

Ps: If you are able to support this work with a donation, please do so here! Every little bit helps!