Join the Fracktivist contingent at the Peoples Climate March

As we come together in New York on September 21st. The Fractivist Hub will be demanding Climate Leaders name natural gas as the false ...

Why Mora County New Mexico is Fighting Frackers for Your Rights, too

Mora County, New Mexico is not the first place that comes to mind for challenging the ‘rights’ of corporations. This is high desert, ...
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Trainings for Grassroots Leaders!

From June through November 2014, Stop the Frack Attack is offering a series of free webinar trainings for grassroots organizers to ...

May 8th National Call in day to the EPA

On May 8th, the Stop the Frack Attack Network and Americans Against Fracking are asking activist around the country to ramp up their ...

Cautionary Tales from Shane Davis: California

Dear Governor Jerry Brown: With 2,139 oil and gas wells already fracked, will California repeat the same mistakes of the past and let ...

Cautionary Tales from Robert Nehman: Charlotte, NC

As we drove to our second appearance in Charlotte from Pinehurst, NC, on the STFA Cautionary Tales from Fracked Communities North Carolina ...