May 8th National Call in day to the EPA

On May 8th, the Stop the Frack Attack Network and Americans Against Fracking are asking activist around the country to ramp up their ...

Cautionary Tales from Shane Davis: California

Dear Governor Jerry Brown: With 2,139 oil and gas wells already fracked, will California repeat the same mistakes of the past and let ...

Cautionary Tales from Robert Nehman: Charlotte, NC

As we drove to our second appearance in Charlotte from Pinehurst, NC, on the STFA Cautionary Tales from Fracked Communities North Carolina ...

Cautionary Tales from Jill Wiener: Moore County

North Carolina welcomed us with open arms, and home made cookies.  Seriously, after a long travel day where Robby, Robert and I met ...
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Cautionary Tales from Deborah Cipolla Dennis: Our Stop in Delano

We are on our way to Los Angeles on a hazy, warm afternoon in the California Central Valley. We just left Kern County, which is known ...

Cautionary Tales from Fracked Communities: CA! March 14th-21st

The Cautionary Tales of Fracked Communities is a nationwide tour that is coming to CA with stops in Sacermento, Merced, Delano, ...