Our Work

Our Goals

  1. To Be a movement hub that acts as a centralized place to coordinate with other groups working on oil and gas drilling using the fracking process.
  2. To ensure Impacted community members are given a meaningful seat at the table and are respected, trusted, and consulted.
  3. To facilitate and coordinate trainings and leadership development of community member.
  4. To push for a transformative organizing model, that looks as issues as a whole and their connections to issues of oppression.

Our Theory of Change

Stop the Frack Attack uses a transformative organizing model and applies this theory to all our work. Transformative organizing is a style that focuses on empowering those who are directly impacted by the issue at hand and makes the connection to larger forms of oppression, such as classism and racism.

STFA will achieve our goals by bringing affected community members and technical experts together, sharing strategies, and executing actions.  Our past experience has shown that through collective action, we can turn the tide of oil and gas development and make our goals not just a numbered list on a wall but actual ways of relating to one another and the tangible results we need to see to alleviate the suffering of those bearing the brunt of the oil and gas industry
Our Current Work

Supporting Impacted Community Members
At its core, Stop the Frack Attack is about supporting those who are bearing the brunt of the rush to extract oil and gas using the fracking process. We provide support through our unique brand of leadership development where we bring community members into the heart of strategic conversations and provide skills-based trainings as needed. We also serve as a point of contact for those community members who seek to nationalize their struggle or need assistance putting pressure on an agency.Mid-
Pipeline CoordinationStop the Frack Attack serves as a movement hub for several groups who are working to stop several pipelines in the mid-atlantic region. Connecting folks who live in Pennsylvania to those along the pipeline route and its end points of Cove Point and Washington Gas.
National Conference and ActionIn 2015 we will host our second national conference in Stapleton, Colorado where we will bring 400 fracktivists from around the country for skills-based trainings, educational sessions, strategy sessions, and much more. The conference will end with a day of direct action in Denver connecting the many struggles within the fracking movement.
Other National EventsThe network supports other national events as they pop up to ensure that impacted community members and frontline community members are leading the charge. These have included the Peoples Climate March, the EPA investigations campaigns, Beyond Extreme Energy Week of Action, and others.