May 8th National Call in day to the EPA

On May 8th, the Stop the Frack Attack Network and Americans Against Fracking are asking activist around the country to ramp up their pressure on EPA Administrator McCarthy, asking her to reopen the investigations in Parker County TX, Pavillion WY, and Dimock PA. Administrator McCarthy has the ability to create new page for the EPA and support these communities that have been left to fight off the oil and gas industry by themselves. The EPA must reopen these investigations and they must protect the communities they were formed to serve.

There are several ways you can support this call in day:May8-Meme2

1.) Host your own public call in day. Set up a table at your local grocery store or bank, and at the table have the script and call info for folks. It’s best to be there during peak hours like lunch time, when many folks would be running around doing errands. This is a great option for local groups looking to expand their base within their community. Getting your name out there is key, and this is a simple and fun way to do it.

Please add your event to this website:

(The names collected on this site, go to a neutral website and no name sharing will occur)


2.) Send out the sample email blast below to folks on your lists- and have them call in when they get the email. We would like to overload the phone lines with calls- so if folks get a busy signal, that’s great! Just have them call back in 30 seconds! This is a great way to engage folks who have signed your petitions already demand McCarthy re-open the investigations


3.) Share these memes on facebook and twitter on May 8th. Meme 1 or Meme 2