Margot Kidder invites you to Stop the Frack Attack

Margot Kidder and I met in a paddy wagon in Washington DC when we both experienced our first arrest at the Tar Sands Action. I guess you could say we bonded in a paddy wagon but actually; since it was summer in DC, it was more like we melted.

We were two of the first to be arrested, and we had a long sweaty wait until the wagon was fully loaded and headed to jail. During the wait we talked about all the things you would expect to talk about when you are trying to keep your glasses from sliding off your sweaty faces and considering I raised two boys who turned me into a comic book hero movie fan.  But soon, because we are both mothers first, our conversation turned to other topics.

We talked about our children and Margot’s grandchildren and our fears for their futures. 

We talked about witnessing the fossil fuel and mining industries destroy beautiful, precious places in our home states, which turned us back to the topic of our children and their children and everyone’s children who will miss the experiences we treasure of an unspoiled landscape. 

We talked about our disappointment in and anger toward our elected officials who continue to buckle to industry pressure and influence consistently promoting corporate interests over the people. What we need most to secure a future for generations to come is a national energy policy that moves us away from fossil fuel use rather than continuing to develop more extreme energy extraction methods at the expense of our vital natural resources.

We talked about fracking and the kinds of environmental and health impacts we are seeing worldwide.

Margot talked about the tar sands pipeline and explained the planned route will take the pipeline under the Yellowstone River and cut through the most beautiful areas of Montana.

“It’s bound to leak, there’s no way it’s not going to … they always assure us these things are safe, and they never are safe,” Kidder said.  Source

We talked about water. A lot. What will our children drink?

After we were released, Margot when home and continued her work with the group Montana Woman for and I went home to my work with Earthworks and my blog.

Several months ago, Margot contacted me about doing a speaking tour, Faces of Fracking: Stories From the Front Lines, in the Shields Valley and surrounding cities.  Landmen are canvassing landowners in the Shields Valley with their slick talk about “found money” carefully sidestepping any mention of toxins, fracking, water contamination and other concerns.

July 28th, Margot and I will again meet in DC for the Stop the Frack Attack Rally.  We will gather with other celebrities, policy makers and people from all across the nation and world to ask our elected officials to STOP THE FRACK ATTACK – the out-of-control rush to drill that is putting oil and gas industry profits over our health, our families, our property, our communities, and our futures. 

Won’t you join us?

 Now is the time for us all to unite and demand that decisionmakers inside the Beltway hear our voice and take action to change the way the oil and gas industry operates in this country.