Watch the Stop the Frack Attack’s People’s Forum in DC on May 22nd!

As the Interior Department releases weak rules for fracking on public lands, as the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee holds a series of forums on natural gas, impacted communities are not being heard.

That’s why the Stop the Frack Attack Network is holding a People’s Forum in Washington, D.C. on May 22nd at 12pm eastern.

Impacted communities — “experts” schooled in the curriculum of hard knocks doled out by the oil and gas industry — are telling their stories at the People’s Forum on Capitol Hill.

backtodcDespite the dirty and dangerous drilling and fracking occurring across the United States, many of our politicians continue to buy into the myth of the “all of the above” energy plan, putting our health and the environment at risk, and continuing our unnecessary dependence on fossil fuels.

Even if you can’t tell your story in D.C., you can participate in the Peoples’ Forum in two ways:

  1. Drop us a line at as we’ll get your story on the Stop the Frack Attack website.
  2. You can watch the People’s Forum livestreamed from Capitol Hill.

If you are a member of the press wanting to attend the People’s Forum or looking for more information, please contact Alan Septoff (202-271-2355) or Katherine Sutcliffe (212-845-7380)

We are planning distributed days of action across the country June 3-9, check back soon for details. If you have an action that you want to contribute please let us know by contacting