Join the Rubber Stamp Rebellion!

On the morning of May 19th the four Commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC, will be having their monthly public meeting. For the last 18 months, Beyond Extreme Energy has been at every one of those meetings. We have been outside calling attention to FERC’s rubber-stamping ways on behalf of the oil and gas industry, and we have gone inside. Some of us have interrupted and spoken up while inside. We have called upon FERC to stop granting permits for the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and, instead, prioritize the rapid expansion of wind, solar and other truly clean and renewable energy sources. The health of communities and the planet depends on making energy generation and distribution locally sourced, democratically controlled, and greenhouse gas-free.

We want this action on the morning of the 19th to be our strongest and biggest one yet. Please make plans to join us that day!

We’ll be gathering at 8 am to greet FERC employees as they enter the building and to hear from Jane Kleeb, Rev. Lennox Yearwood and Mike Tidwell, as well as stirring songs from Luci Murphy and Bethany Yarrow. We will continue our presence outside until 9:30. At that point those who wish to do so are encouraged to go into FERC to attend the public meeting.

This action on the 19th is part of Beyond Extreme Energy’s week-long Rubber Stamp Rebellion, beginning on May 15th after the D.C. Break Free from Fossil Fuels action, which begins at 1 pm at the White House. More information on the week can be found at

FERC, by design, is beholden to the oil and gas industry. It receives its funding from the permits it issues and rubber-stamps virtually every project that crosses its desk.  In addition, the revolving door between FERC and the industry promotes friendly ties between both groups of employees and leaders.

The FERC review process is a farce. The agency acts as a rubber stamp for the industry and does not adequately consider climate and environmental impacts. It does not adequately consider the health and safety impacts for people who live in communities where the industry wants to construct infrastructure.

Join the Rubber Stamp Rebellion on May 19th! Make plans to get to work late, bring your children and your friends, help us spread the word widely, and join us for this important action!

For Beyond Extreme Energy,

Ted Glick

P.S.  FERC is easy to get to via the Metro. It is three blocks up 1st St. NE from Union Station, a stop on the Metro Red line and for MARC and Amtrak trains, at 888 1st St. NE.