Jenny Lisak: Reflections from Paris


The past few days have been phenomenal. My world has grown smaller, as I feel a true kinship with those from all across the earth with the same fears and concerns as myself.  Experiencing the treasures of the Louvre yesterday from the the small, simple and primitive to the grand, majestic and flamboyant tokens of man’s utilitarian and artistic impressions overwhelmed me knowing those centuries of history may not be followed by centuries more.

The indigenous women’s water ceremony was a potent and powerful reminder of our connectedness, not only through the vital element that sustains us all but also through our sisterhood and brotherhood. The Eiffel tower was the backdrop for the ceremony under the bridge next to the Seine in the dark of night accompanied by song offerings from the global participants.

I have enjoyed the epicurean delights and walked the streets of an amazing city with old and new friends from Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Wyoming, Texas, DC, Wisconsin and Colorado. I’ve talked and strategized with the awesome comrades at the International Anti Fracking summit. However it turns out at COP21 I know that we will not stop trying for the better world that we know is possible with clean energy and hope for tomorrow’s. I’m so humbled to be a tiny part in that effort and very grateful to Stop the Frack Attack for making this Paris rendezvous happen.