I’m Fighting Fracking in Australia and I will in Washington!

My name is Dayne Pratzky I live in a small country town on the edge of the Australian outback. My house sits on 250 acres of timbered land with a seasonal stream running through the property. It took me a month to log the timber off my property and begin my house– everything was hand built from the ground up.  It was only a few short years ago when the birds and Kangaroo’s ruled this sun burnt land however things have changed; coal bed methane and hydraulic fracturing have come to town. I knew nothing of this process at first.  It would take over my world.  Now I am embroiled in the battle of my life– and quiet possibly yours, too. 

The coal seam gas extraction process is marketed  by the industry as safe, and for a while, I believed it was. But shortly after fracking occurred by a friend’s house, something very disturbing happened: their children were burnt while taking a bath in water pumped directly from their well. Chemical burns. The authorities were called in to investigate, the family was told:  “If you can’t prove it was the frack company we can’t do anything about it.” That day changed my life. The more I looked into the process the more disillusioned I became in the willingness of governments around the world who refuse to stand up to powerful unconventional gas industry. And that’s where you come in.

 The time has come for the people to stand as one and speak with the same voice on the issue of hydraulic fracturing.  No longer can we afford to be silent and stand by and watch our future as well as countless generations to follow pay the price of inaction. From the Australian Outback to the East Coast of the great American continent this process must be stopped.  Seeing how our governments refuse to stop them, we must. It’s time to be brave and noble in a non -violent, respectful uprising that will bring us all together and collectively say STOP THE FRACK ATTACK. That is why I am traveling halfway around the world to address the rally in Washington DC on the 28th of July. The message I bring from the Australian Lock the Gate Alliance is we must stand together and build the biggest social movement the world has never seen before.

 I ask you all to speak to your friends, family, school and work colleagues on the damages of hydraulic fracturing and better still bring them along to Washington to add there voice to an ever growing chorus of mums, dads, school teachers, doctors, scientists, cab drivers because no matter what we do for a job or for fun, this issue will polarise us as force to be listened to.