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Click here to sign a petition to President Obama & EPA Director Gina McCarthy to demand they prioritize public health over the interests of the oil and gas industry.


Stop the Frack Attack is a movement hub, serving as a network of people with shared work to help stop dirty and unsafe fracking. Please sign up here to receive updates from our network.

stfa-find-a-member-groupStop the Frack Attack is a diverse network that includes national and international organizations as well as local grassroots groups from around the U.S. in places impacted or threatened by dirty and dangerous fracking. Check out our member group directory to find a local group near you.


The Stop the Frack Attack Network is a growing entity and every month new member groups join and help us build new power through out. For groups looking to join the network; there are two major ways for you to begin the process of joining our network. The first is to fill out this form, which by doing so makes you an official member of the network.  

Once an official member of the network you will be contacted by our Coordinator, Robby Diesu, and should plan on either joining one of the Working Groups (Policy, Media, Organizing) and/or Our network coordination calls that happen the 1st and 3rd week of the month on Wednesday

Please sign up here to become a member of our network