Fracking our future


I have witnessed the effects suffered by friends and communities from hydraulic fracturing. The stars I have seen assassinated by a grey cloud of smog. I have seen the earth breached and her bounty soiled, the sludge pipes left lying in the streams, and the suffocating clouds of toxic vapor dancing in the air. You will receive no other recompense but to fight to Stop the Frack Attack if you have already felt these effects.

Adam, a 17-year-old aspiring engineer/musician lives in Texas

We cannot be so quixotic as to try and fix the problems that have gotten us to this point: Corruption, negligence, greed. Humanity has been flawed in the past, is flawed in the present, and will be flawed in the future. However, our destiny to make is intertwined with a duty to make better. Modern man has fulfilled his destiny, but has shirked his duties. If he continues down this path, the consequences of his inaction will be visited tenfold not upon his own head, but instead the heads of his heirs. Why then should they dream, if their future is to be wrecked with environmental catastrophes? Why then should I dream?

We can never fix greed, but we can fix the problems that extend from it. Fracking extends from greed; it extends from our need to sustain a life of excess at the expense of future generations. Today billions of gallons of water are removed from the hydrologic cycle forever. Today our air is fouled by toxic chemicals that are unleashed from the earth. Today yet another water well is being contaminated with natural gas. This endless parade of chemicals and wasteful practices in pursuit of extreme energies that feed our fossil fuel addiction can only be reformed by you and I. if you and I take action at this upcoming rally, and hold ourselves to future actions during the many months and years of reform that will follow this rally, we may still fail to save ourselves. I would rather fail in every one of my goals however, than have a place among those who know neither victory nor defeat. I would hate to count your generations and mine among these ranks that didn’t; didn’t care, didn’t try, and didn’t have the time.

Care. Try. Make time.

Be in DC on July 28th to Stop the Frack Attack!