Frack Attack National Summit: March 2nd-March 4th

This past summer, over 5,000 people converged on Washington, DC under the banner of “Stop the Frack Attack.” We lobbied, learned, strategized, and formed relationships to build a strong network of activists working against dirty and unsafe fracking.  That weekend in Washington DC was just the beginning for STFA, and since July, the STFA Advisory Council has been planning where we go next and how we continue to build power against dirty fossil fuels and towards a clean energy future. The answer is simple: We need to turn STFA into a national coalition of local grassroots groups, concerned individuals, and national NGOs.   

Stop the Frack Attack is planning next steps, and we want you to be there.

We will be gathering in Dallas/Fort Worth March 2-4 for the Frack Attack National Summit. We are currently working logistics and will have more details as planning progresses, but the location has been selected – we will be taking over the Best Western Plus!

This conference is going to be big. Based on the Stop the Frack Attack July action and the half dozen People’s Oil & Gas Summits, we are expecting as many as 300 people to attend to share stories, build skills become better spokespeople, learn about the clean energy alternatives to oil and natural gas, celebrate victories and help build this national movement. We are also organizing a rally on Monday, to welcome the Texas State government back to work and remind them that they work for the people and not the oil and gas industry.

You may be asking yourself, “why Texas?”
One reason is because the Dallas/Fort Worth area represents urban fracking at its worst; as you fly in you can see well pads as far as the eye can see, and once you land you are greeted by a compressor station right outside the airport. Dallas/Fort Worth is also home to many of the oil and gas companies destroying our communities around the country.