Don’t Frack New York!

WE LOVE NEW YORK – We will not be fracked!

Governor Cuomo has said that a decision on hydrofracking is imminent.

The New York Times reported that the governor will open the Southern Tier to fracking. The rest of the state will follow.

We can’t let this happen. We must once again impress on Governor Cuomo all of the risks he’s taking — ecological, economic and political. We must do this with greater energy and urgency than ever before.

Governor Cuomo promised that fracking wouldn’t endanger drinking water supplies or human health. He promised that decisions about fracking would be “guided by science” and based on “bona fide studies.”

But the governor has not kept his promises. He has ignored credible scientific studies. He’s taken the gas industry’s suspect data and used it to shape a policy that puts our water supplies at risk. He’s turned a deaf ear to the concerns of public health officials and medical professionals. The administration won’t even consider fracking’s impact on public health.

Governor Cuomo said he wants to “get the conversation back to facts and logic and science and information.” He clearly needs our help.

Here are the facts:

Fracking is an extreme, dangerous, unsustainable form of energy extraction, like coal from mountaintop removal, and oil from tar sands and deep water drilling. We don’t want it here in our beautiful New York.

We are winning on many fronts — locally, statewide, nationally and, increasingly, internationally. But we have to come together at this critical juncture to protect New York from the oil and gas corporations.

Here’s what we’re doing:

We will gather in Albany on August 27th for a historic action against fracking in our state. Together, we will take a Pledge to Resist Fracking in New York, and commit ourselves to nonviolent action to defend our state. On August 25th and 26th, we will prepare with trainings in nonviolent direct action and strategy.

Governor Cuomo needs to know that we won’t be victims of an industrial experiment by a stroke of his pen. We will nonviolently mobilize to stop fracking in our state.

So sign up. Spread the word! Join us, and help make history. With one, enormous voice, we’re going to SHOUT:

Governor Cuomo, WE LOVE NY. DO YOU?