Comment on EPA Fracking & Drinking Water Study Comments due Friday, August 28th

FrackAlert: Comment on EPA Fracking & Drinking Water Study
 Comments due Friday, August 28th
In June, EPA released its nearly 1,000 page study of hydraulic fracturing impacts on drinking water. The study’s major conclusion: “We did not find evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.” In fact, FrackFree NC’s review team found that there is far too little known by EPA and scientists to say that there aren’t “widespread, systemic impacts.”

The FrackFreeNC team has reviewed each chapter and written short, plain English comments that you can put in your own words and use to submit your own comments! When you’ve commented about the topics you care or know about the most, please submit your comments to Docket_OEI@epa.govIMPORTANT: include Docket number EPA-HQ-OA-2015-0245 in your subject line.

For some basic information on fracking to get you started, read this summary of Chapter 2 of the report. The homepage has links to the full report chapters.

Links to short talking points on each chapter of the report:

Thanks for taking the time to send in comments on this study!