Step 1: Contact us to see if we’re in touch with anyone else from your area
We’ll make sure to consolidate energies to the greatest extent possible. Please check in with Fiona at buses@stopthefrackattack.org or 

Check here to see if there are already buses coming from your area:


View STFA Buses Map in a larger map

Step 2: Find a bus!
Once you’ve decided to organize a bus,  check out www.busrates.com to get a list of bus companies in your area. Tip: check in with your local school district; school buses are often much cheaper than tour buses. Be sure to shop around the for the best rates. And remember to check out Greyhound and Megabus as well – it’s possible that their rates are the cheapest. 

Step 3: Raise money for your bus 
We’ve set up a handy Crowdrise page to collect donations for buses. Here’s what to do:

  • Once you’re on the page, click the “Fundraise for this event” button on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • When prompted, click to “Create a new team” (you will have to to sign up as yourself in order to do this). 
  • Name your team (i.e. “Bus from Athens”). 
  • Be sure to include the details on cost per person, departure and return times, etc. in the “About your team” section. Note: the site charges a small transaction fee per person, so set prices 10% above your actual cost to account for this. 
  • Put the total amount you want to raise for the bus in the “amount of money you hope to raise” section.
  • You should also pick a specific URL for your team, like http://www.crowdrise.com/frackattackpittsburgh, so that when you are spreading the word, it makes it easy for people to find your bus. 

Step 4: Get people ON THE BUS! 
Spread the word to friends and neighbors who may want to come. Share the website on listserve. Create a Facebook event, and then  post it on the Stop the Frack Attack Facebook page plus all over your networks! 

Step 5: Stay in touch!
Once your bus is full or when ever you need anything, contact Fiona (buses@stopthefrackattack.org)! We have a whole team of people dedicated to working on buses!  Also click here for an awesome packet with all the information you can possible think of!

Once your bus is full, we’ll transfer the money from your Crowdrise account to your bus company.