Blog from Lori New Breast

Oki (hello) my name is Lori New Breast, I want to give a special thanks to all the ceremonial bundle holders from the Blackfoot Confederacy, Lou Bruno Glacier Two Medicine Alliance, Tony Bynum, Sara Kendall from WORC, Pauline Matt, Kim Paul, Kanatsanimiitaiksi members, Michael Jamison, Michael Bruise Head, Ryan Heavy Head, Narcisse Blood and countless others of the Blackfoot Confederacy,  who work to protect our homeland and for this opportunity to join with many people from families and communities across the world to Stop The Frack Attack.

I come from a unique place in the world and I belong to the distinct indigenous culture of the Blackfoot Confederacy-we emerged from creation into our present day homeland and we continue to live through out our indigenous territory within the geographies of Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan. I live on the Blackfeet Reservation that covers 1.5 million acres along the eastern rocky mountain front bordering Glacier National Park, numerous wilderness areas, public lands and the U.S. Canadian border, the members of the Blackfoot Confederacy are the indigenous caretakers of the headwaters of the continent and sacred ceremonial, spiritual and cultural environments. All living beings, the air, the daylight, the night sky, the land from the topsoil to subsurface environments, and the water in every form are currently being put at risk as the oil speculation fracking process expands in our homeland. The oil and gas permit process and current oil speculation activities are being conducted without the informed consent of the Blackfeet members and land holders and were initiated without comprehensive consideration of all forms of life, and environments on the reservation. I am participating in Stop the Frack Attack to raise awareness about the conditions on the Blackfeet Reservation where to our knowledge over 101 oil and gas permits have been authorized by the matrix of tribal, federal, private and state authorities that operate on the reservation.

I am here to contribute to the dialogue of advancing protection of the living earth and all living beings through the fair and sane consideration of tribal, international, federal, state laws, statues and declarations to stop the frack threat.

An immediate moratorium must be declared to stop drilling in Indian Country and a transparent, fair and equal process initiated to stop the attack on our families, our homeland and our cultural ways of life. Please join us August 5-12, 2012 for the Chief Mountain Water Walk, Blackfeet Reservation a spiritual prayer journey to honor the headwaters of the continent: Contact Pauline Matt 406-338-3016 and send contributions to support our all volunteer effort the Glacier Two Medicine Alliance 501 © 3 P.O. Box 181 East Glacier Park, MT 59434 and note it is to support the Chief Mountain Water Walk.