An Open Letter to New York About Fracking

Please join us!


We are standing in solidarity with the rest of GASLAND and urge you to come to Stop The Frack Attack in Washington DC on July 28th to call for an end to dirty drilling.(

The call to action is as follows;
“Join a nationwide coalition of citizens, communities and organizations declaring the time is NOW to use our collective power to end oil and gas drilling that harms public health, water and air quality, and the climate.”


There are too many lives that are being decimated by this practice, and it is critical that we stand together with countless Americans who living in toxic fracking wastelands. 


Decision makers in the nation’s capital must hear our voices – and we need to stand strong. The fight in every state will benefit from the national attention this event will bring and it’s critical that the power of New York’s activist community is present to give others around the country strength.   


We realize there has been some concern in the New York community about the lack of a focus onban messaging. 

STOP the Frack Attack is a broad-based, big tent event that has been organized to be inclusive to all and to focus on shared, collective goals. By being there, New Yorkers can join with our allies from across the country, and show our support for those from states with a long history of extractive industries who are years into this fracking nightmare.  We have learned from them that fracking is a completely inappropriate and unacceptable industrial activity and that is has no place in our beautiful New York State. There are different messaging needs in other states so the STOP messaging is intentionally broad. 

Please come to Washington DC on July 28. Bring your own message (Ban, Criminalize, Stop, whatever!) but most of all, be there!  

We encourage you to sign up, spread the word, participate, volunteer, get on a bus or train, spend the day or if possible a few days. There will also be opportunities to visit your elected officials, learn about the issue and develop skills to fight fracking, and network with allies. to see the long and growing list of endorsing organizations, sign up, and more.


At this critical juncture in New York we need to make Fracking a household word, just like “tarsands” and “Keystone”, recent polls show we our work cut out for us and a national event will certainly help.

“the large majority of Americans who are either not familiar with (28 percent) or have never heard (35 percent) the terms hydraulic fracturing or fracking.”


Stop the Frack Attack is a terrific opportunity call for a block to the plan to export shale gas, this is a national issue.  With out the ability to export, the drillers will have no market for their fracked gas.


We can and must BAN fracking in NY; we believe joining voices with our allies from across the country will send a message straight up to Albany.


United for Action will be running a bus from NYC – please look for other bus announcements from around the state.  We need to bring our strength to those in other states who need it!  


Stop the Frack Attack! 


In Solidarity,

David Braun-United For Action

Jill Wiener-Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy