An open letter to Governors of states impacted by oil and gas development

New York has taken the bold step to prohibit shale gas extraction using high volume hydraulic fracturing. At Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direction, the New York State Department of Health and Department of Environmental Conservation carefully examined the available science and reports from oil and gas fields nationwide and came to the only possible conclusion based on rapidly emerging evidence–that fracking has not been proven safe, threatens air, water, and health, and should not be permitted in New York.fracking-petition-meme

As much as we are heartened to see New York elected and appointed officials standing up to the oil and gas industry, drilling and infrastructure is expanding rapidly in states across the country. No matter where they are located, fracking operations, compressor stations, gas processing plants, storage facilities and pipelines in people’s backyards, next to schools and surrounding hospitals pose unacceptable risks to public health and to our collective air, water, and climate.

Some of the oil and gas produced in other states is destined for transport and use in New York, and the communities whose elected officials value oil and gas industry profits over health and the environment are being asked to pay the price by being energy sacrifice zones.

After years of public health officials being absent from the debate on oil and gas development, the New York Department of Health played an integral role in the decision to stop fracking. This is the first time that a high-level health official has acknowledged that oil and gas development is a key public health issue and has serious consequences for anyone living in its shadow.

It is not enough for one Governor to stand up and say no to an industry whose time has come and gone. Fossil fuel extraction is no longer a viable option to power our communities. We call on Governors across the country to take bold steps to protect their constituents from fracking and to take action now to transition to a renewable energy economy.

As your state’s top elected official, it’s time to show resolve to help the families in your state that are currently living with oil and gas development. Just like New Yorkers, everyone everywhere equally deserves protection of their community, air, water, and health.

We call on you to consider the science and to move immediately to ban fracking. As the New York State Department of Health demonstrated, based on examination of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, shale oil and gas extraction poses serious public health risks. It’s time to follow New York Governor Cuomo’s lead and protect the water, air, community and health of all your citizens.

Signed by


Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Berks Gas Truth
Sullivan Area Citizens for Responsible Energy Development (SACRED)
350 Loudoun
River Guardian Foundation
Environmental Action
Lehigh Valley Gas Truth
Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community
People’s Oil & Gas Collaborative- Ohio (POGCO)
Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community (CCHC)
Valley Land Alliance, a 501c3
Merced Group of the Sierra Club / Tehipite Chapter
Green Party of Pennsylvania


Grassroots Environmental Education
Marcellus Outreach Butler
Green America
Lehigh Valley Gas Truth
Berks Gas Truth
Beacon Climate Action
Berks Gas Truth
River Guardian Foundation
Environment North Carolina
Environmental Action
Save Western Maryland
Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air
Athens County Fracking Action Network,
Protecting Our Waters
Mt Airy Greening Net (MAGNet)

Philly Electric Wheels

Transition Philadelphia

Friends Of The Wilds
Elk County C.A.R.E.S.

Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmental Stewardship

The Fracking Truth Alliance of Lawrence and Mercer Counties
Friends of the Harmed

Director of Outreach

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking
Aquashicola/ Pohopoco Watershed conservancy
Save lake Arthur watershed ( SLAW )
Groundswell Rising
United Sludge Free Alliance
Save Lake Arthur Watershed (SLAW)


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