A Special Kind of Friday

stfa-austinThis past Friday was just like any other Friday – a few loose ends to tie up, a whole lot of emails to write, and a conference call with the STFA Organizing working group. But this call wasn’t like our normal calls; I listened to the pre-call chatter before we started and my heart jumped with joy.  Three of the network members were talking about the big victory in the Pennsylvania Courts.  Finally we had won something, and won big at that!

While the victory was huge, and significant in countless ways, what really was amazing was the joy in those three folks’ voices. As the celebration continued, I did my best to start our call and to carry on, but for those five minutes, the beauty of our network and our movement was shining like the North Star.

The connections we make doing this work are what keeps us going. It’s what inspires us to keep fighting. One of our goals is to make those connections happen – to help build and train our movement so that we can win. We strive to inspire our movement to know that we can win, can you help us continue doing so?

We accomplished alot this year and I could list off all of these outstanding accomplishments, but instead let’s think about those five minutes of celebrations and let’s make sure they keep happening. Please join me in donating 25 dollars to our network. Lets make sure we keep winning and those connections keep happening.

Because I believe that we can win!

Robby Diesu
National Organizer
Stop the Frack Attack