A day of running around Paris; Dispatches from the STFA Delegation

I`am finally getting my first chance to write a blog post since arriving here in Paris with the Stop the Frack Attack delegation. These past couple of days have been intense! We arrived Tuesday morning  from around the world- We have Arpa from Thailand; Daniel, Danielle, and Brien from Australia, Sigit from Indonesia; and of course several members of our advisory council- John Fenton, Jenny Lisak, Shane Davis, and Robert Nehman.

On Wednesday we were running all around Paris for different events and actions. First we went to an action at the Lourve. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris- the police have been really cracking down on protests; and we were all a bit nervous at this action. It was nothing intense; just a photo with a pro-climate message but with armed soldiers walking around with automatic rifles things tend to feel a bit strange. Everything turned out well though- and the picture went off without an issue.
After that action we then rushed to Le Bourget on the other side of the city where the Climate talks are being held; where John Fenton spoke on a wonderful panel featuring Bill Mckibben, Wenonah Hauter, and others talking about the urgent case to Ban Fracking. Right afterwards we rushed to the international flag zone to do a quick rally. Once again the police were out in full strength encircling our protest of 75 people. Yet we kept at it- and Sigit, Jenny, as well as our good friend Kandi Mossett from IEN plus others brought down the house with there personal stories of how horrible the fracking industry is.
After the craziness of Wednesday, we knew that Thursday was going to be a tiring day. On Thursday we were joining up with the other 140 people who had come to Paris to attend the “Not Here; Not Anywhere International fracking summit we helped coordinate; but more on that later today. We are off to support the IEN Delegation as they do a Water Ceremony at the Eiffel Tower! Au Revoir!